The Art of Flight

The Art of Flight

Having filmed a lot of footage using a wide range of drones I feel humbled by the beauty that the aerial perspective offers. It is literally like a birds eye view. From filming dirt bike races in the North Wales wilderness to awesome beach fronted property portfolios nothing really beats the footage delivered by a professional drone flown by an experienced pilot with an "eye for a shot".

Living life through a lens took an awesome leap forward when I took to the skies over 4 years ago and got CAA approved for commercial operations.

I love video but I love drone shots the most. They are so versatile and offer an infinite "dolly shot" that with all the right conditions is very hard to beat. The best thing is seeing photography and video shots making there way to client projects and getting such positive feedback.

I believe the industry is in its infancy on one level however the technology has advanced so quickly we are already able to deliver exceptional results to end users screens. Whether it be show case video reels for exhibitions or short web based clips ... long may it reign.

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